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Timber, like all other things, participates in the cycle of life. However, without proper stewardship, the old over-mature trees can inhibit the younger 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation of trees from growing.

Inhibiting Factors of Mature Timber

  1. The large canopy of a mature tree blocks sunlight from reaching the forest floor and other trees around it.
  2. The larger more mature trees require more water and nutrients to survive, which depletes the younger trees from receiving proper water and nutrients to grow at a nominal rate.
  3. A stand of over-mature timber has little to no undergrowth; the lack of undergrowth makes for lousy wildlife habitat.

These inhibiting factors prevent tree regeneration, which eventually will drain all value from both man and animal. If the mature timber stands for too long, its damage to the next generation of trees can be detrimental. In order for a stand of timber to be healthy, it must have regeneration on all levels. Tree regeneration improves the forests health, allows for future timber harvests and continues to provide exceptional wildlife habitat.

Benefits of a Select Timber Harvest

  1. Benefits of a Select Timber Harvest
  2. Improves forest health
  3. Promotes timber regeneration
  4. Provides better wildlife habitat for both big and smaller animals
  5. The forest remains Aesthetically pleasing
  6. The logging process creates a trail system for the landowner
  7. Satellite log landings can be converted to food plots once the process is complete
  8. Forest can still be used for recreational purposes.
  9. Provides an income to the landowner

The Timber Harvesting Process

  1. Setup a contract with the landowners objectives being #1 priority
  2. A log skidder and loader arrive on site.
  3. Trees are manually harvested with a chainsaw (we do not use machine timber fallers in order to better protect the land and other trees)
  4. Trees are topped and skidded out.
  5. The logs are then bucked up according to the different market demands.
  6. Logs are then sold for the highest price.
  7. All log landings and skidder trails are cleaned.

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